RemDry™ was developed, to provide growers with a simple, effective and sustainable solution for managing remnant waste liquids containing Plant Protection Products (PPPs) on-farm. RemDry™ features an innovative tank design and a mobile cleaning platform offering flexibility to the grower.


  • Costs and complexity for growers are reduced, since the RemDry™ tank and cleaning platform do not need fixing on a concrete surface
  • RemDry™ tanks can be sold alone as independent units to growers that already have a cleaning platform...

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These sealed tanks are ideal for a number of applications, including:

  • arid climates;
  • fire fighting;
  • mobile locations;
  • local accumulation of sewage and waste;
  • liquid transportation.

These tanks are primarily made using polyester PVC coated fabric membrane, and a polyurethane lacquer in the case of potable water storage. ...

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These circular free-standing, self-supporting open tanks are primarily suitable for water storage and install quickly and easily. These tanks are constructed using an easy to assemble steel skeletal structure that supports a polyester PVC coated fabric liner.
These tanks can be placed on any type of flat surface and remain standing even when empty due to the skeletal structure. Similar to Ecomembrane’s other membranes, the membrane used in these open tanks is weather and UV resistant.
Available in ...

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